How to get "everyone within you" on board? NY Goals that Work!

Dear Reader,

Happy 2024! We are also welcoming the first new moon 🌙 of the year tonight!

The first week of the year might feel hazy, and if you've been trying to set your new year goals with force, I bet it wasn't so fruitful 😅

This is perfectly normal - we are not robots; we don't just RESET everything when the clock says, "now we start counting from 1.1"!

You might be feeling, "Why bother?" fter being disappointed with our New Year Resolution attempts that DIDN'T work out well --- I feel you 🤪

Plus, the Gregorian calendar doesn't match our seasons of life - Who starts fresh in a DEEP WINTER when it's cold and freezing with plants and animals hibernating?!

BUT! - an important BUT - 2024 is really different.

This January, astrologically, we are closing a LONG chapter of 15 years!!!!!!!! (Pluto is almost leaving Capricorn forever and entering Aquarius; In Chinese astrology, we are entering Period 9 of Fire).

We've been through A LOT since 2008 - pat yourself on the back as you've done an absolutely fantastic job!!! Now, as we are stepping into a new era, let's decide:

  • What obsolete identities are you ready to drop?
  • What shame & guilt patterns are you ready to transmute and transform?
  • What desires and expectations that are not even yours are you deleting? e.g. how our societies define " a good life"
  • What mastery path have you graduated from that you can then take to the next level to share your joyful contribution to the world?
  • What soul mission are you ready to embody?

You already have some ideas simmering 🥘 at the back of your minds - it's about time to set goals that you'll feel EXCITED & DRIVEN to make happen!

In Quantum Human Design™, we discuss motivation and aligned action-taking in great length, so today I'd love to highlight some tips to help you create goals that your mind-heart-body would say HECK YES with consensus!

Goal Setting Tips by Profiles

Your QHD Profile is the 2 numbers in fractions e.g. 1/3, 3/5, 4/6, 6/2, 6/3 etc, which tell us about HOW we approach life!

The first number on the left is your conscious preference - how you think;

The 2nd number on the right is your subconscious preference - how you behave (mostly without thinking).

We'll consider BOTH numbers for goal setting that WORKS for you!

[Forget/ Don't know your profile? Plot your chart here!]

Keywords for Line 1: CURIOSITY/ OBSESSION

What intrigues you? What makes you feel obsessed and fascinated about it?

🔥 You need to satisfy your thirst for learning and allow yourself to dig the rabbit hole of a specific topic to pump up your motivation drive!

Keywords for Line 2: SOLO TIME

How can you carve more space and time for you to be alone? What can you do to dedicate solo time daily as routine as brushing your teeth?

🔥Your solo time is a non-negotiable for charging your battery. Make 2024 your year of NOT bringing an empty cup to any social situation (even time with family counts as "social")!


How do you want to experience life from a bird-eye view 🦅, as well as from an ant-eye view 🐜 of everyday living? What new adventures do you desire to collect in your life's portfolio? What bucket list items are you ready to tick this year?

🔥You can be super-uber productive when you design and curate the experience of doing things with joy that will ultimately achieve your envisioned outcome!

Keywords for Line 4: STABILITY/ ANCHORED

What activities/ decisions will bring more stability to your life? What daily habits anchor you amidst change?

🔥 It takes you longer to familiarise yourself with change (and the melancholy post-change), so including a grounding, anchoring element in your annual goals would be essential to keep your nervous system intact!


How do you bring a more truthful self to the mirror? Where can you be even more authentic in all your communications? How can you lead with radical authenticity, even if it feels vulnerable?

🔥 You can easily polarise people - and this is a powerful quality! Just remember that your self-understanding comes way less from the feedback/projections from the outside world and way more from your inner compass. Leading yourself from your lighthouse within is KEY when it comes to not getting lost in goal setting!


(if you are younger than 35, take line 3 as a reference too)

Where can you embody more of what you know into actions? How do you add more lightheartedness to the important mission you are here to lead?

🔥 You can be too serious at times - so adding a playful lightheartedness + embodiment to your goals can massively fuel your action-taking and effectively tone down your perfectionistic tendency!

So make sure you include these keywords in your annual visioning and goal-setting exercise so you'll feel motivated and driven by BOTH the OUTCOME & the PROCESS to get there!

🔥One final tip: When it comes to goal-setting, we have to recognize that there are 2 teams in our heads:

A team of engineers👩‍🔬(left brain) - to be productive, to think, to analyze, to plan, to get things done;

A team of magicians 🧙 (right brain) - you can't look at them directly as they only work in the background - so you wander, take a walk in the park, relax your brain, play, daydream, and voila, a new synthesized idea comes to you!

So have fun getting "everyone within you" on board in your "annual board meeting" with yourself!


There is only one YOU, Reader - Don't you think you deserve more attention👀 , brian juice and love?

We can't be truly fulfilled if we don't know WHO WE ARE, and WHAT WE F*KING WANT.

And as we are stepping into a new era, are you ready to UNBOX yourself this year so you can remove all the wrong labels, expectations, SOPs, and finally connect with the deepest, highest, most authentic version of YOU?

Gift yourself (or a loved one) a QHD Purpose Reading, where I decode what makes you YOU from a different lens, and mirror all your radiance back to you!

Think about having a full mind-heart-body alignment in every big and small decisions you are going to make - How valuable would that be for you?

Until next time,

Ponny :)

P.S. You can now plot your free QHD chart on my website with simple interpretations directly on the screen! The color and design of charts might keep changing throughout the month as I'm still experimenting with my style :)

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