What brings more calm to my nervous system?

Hi Reader,

What has been occupying my mind recently are 2 questions:

  1. What brings more calm to my nervous system?
  2. What legacy am I here to leave the world with when my time is up?

1. Calmness:

As an empath, unless I live a simple rural life in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around me and limited access to the internet, it's not easy to stay calm while people and the consciousness floating around me are anything BUT calm.

You know what I mean if you've ever felt the energy of the room as soon as you enter a physical space :)

But it's not very difficult either to return to calmness!

It always comes back to embodiment.

The 5 senses.

The breathing.

The here and now.

Also, I will make that ONE BIG decision that will eliminate dozens of smaller and annoying decisions (like clothing and food choices) and devote my energy daily to strengthening my faith and trust in the Universe.

I believe everything happens FOR me and that I’m exactly where I need to be.

Realizing I only need very little to attain happiness, most of the shiny object desires that the capitalistic culture keeps manufacturing appear vain to me (when I’m calm and did take the time to pause to consult my *inner authority 😉)

These are boring, simple habits, but it takes work to prioritise calmness over getting things done when most people consider crossing out tasks on your to-do list more important!

*inner authority = Your unique decision-making mechanism based on your Quantum Human Design chart that helps you make decisions that align your mind, body & heart - once you've mastered this skill, making life choices becomes more effortless!

2. Legacy:

My human body will be 39 years old in August. Although I always feel like a youngster at heart (adventures!) with an old person's soul (I've been in this all...), my peers keep reminding me that time is running short:

  • To buy a home, get a mortgage, or not?
  • To have children, or not?
  • To relocate to another country, or not?
  • Many people our age have been dying or had sudden severe diagnoses, esp. in the past three years. Is my health regime up to the game?
  • If we retire at 60, we only have 20 years left to build our careers. Taking vitality and risk tolerance into account, at most, we only get about 10 years. What am I going to create then?
  • etc etc etc

Well, even though I know my soul is eternal, this precious combination of soul+body+ circumstances at this particular time on earth that we call "a lifetime" is still one finite unit.

Let's do the math: If I’m lucky and healthy enough to live a conscious, self-reliant life until my 80s, I’m around the 50%-life mark.

This sense of urgency is indeed very helpful, not from a fear-based mentality, but as a reminder to stop procrastinating on what truly matters in our lives!

What is truly beautiful about this life stage is that, I now have the level of self-understanding and relationship with myself that I didn’t have in my 20s, which makes life so much simpler and more EFFICIENT:

  • I know what I like and dislike. What I truly desire from my heart and what is simply the seduction from the outside world.
  • I know what’s right for me in every aspect of my life, and what not. Saved so much time second-guessing!
  • I don’t need to waste time fitting in because I’m a freak, and I’m proud of it! Pretending doesn’t work anyway ~
  • I know the answers are not coming from the external world, but from within.
  • I can now function in a simple, fast, lightweight capacity, just like a phone that has uninstalled all the non-necessary apps because I’ve put in the effort in my shadow work, innerwork, inner child, trauma and ancestral healing that helped me release and offload TONS of conditioning, limiting beliefs and STORIES that have been bogging down my inner operating system.
  • I now have the healthy self-worth to say YES only when I truly want to, while having the same respect for others when they said No to me without overthinking or trying to change their mind - Sovereign beings respecting each other in action!
  • I have the tools to self-adjust whenever I notice my state of being is about to fall into the download spiral, so I DON’T GO THERE and bounce back way quicker than most people.

Ambition to me now, is not about how many dragons I’ve slayed, how many countries I’ve travelled to, or my worldly achievements. It’s about the guts to live true to myself, no matter what.

And, the idea of leaving a LEGACY is what I want to prioritise now because I always believe there must be a faster and easier way to “crack the codes” than how I learned through trial and error.

So, my big project this year is to build a library full of quick tools that can help you quickly switch your state of being whenever you need them. These will be 5-to-15-minute tools ranging from all I’ve accumulated over the years from diverse schools of wisdom across cultures that address the body, mind, heart, and soul levels.

These quick tools are like vitamins and health supplements you can get from an herb store—and knowing your Quantum Human Design is the key to pinpoint exactly what you need, in what sequence and intensity so you can tailor the formula that works for you instantly!

I’m still at the early stage of building this library; so if you have any suggestions or ideas on what will really support your needs, reply to this email and let me know your thoughts!


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