What Was I Made For? A Treasure Hunt

Hi Reader

Last Fri, I took part in a Forest Therapy session at the Tsz Shan Monastery.

We were advised to put our phones in the locker, and be guided on a mindful walk around the mountains for 90 minutes.

Talking to the clouds.

Talking to our hearts.

Listening to what nature has been whispering to us.

Listening to what our hearts have been SHOUTING to us 😂

Hugging the trees.

Hugging the inner child.

Thanking Mother Earth for all that she provides in every step we take.

Thanking myself for being so courageous and committed to my path all these years.

Have you been wondering, "What am I here for?"

Have you been sensing a BIG CHANGE ahead of you, with a sense of urgency and an electric energy pulse pushing you to step up and EMBODY more leadership, more sovereignty of who you truly are?

Maybe all you need, is just some quiet time to connect WITHIN.

So, are you ready to remember what gifts you have?

I've prepared a small gift for you -

Set aside 10 minutes of quiet time and dive into this guided visualization, where I'll take you on a forest journey to look for treasures!

After the session, you can access a spreadsheet to help you decode what you are going to discover 🎁 >>>

Let's begin...

I'd be super curious about what you've uncovered after this session - share with me afterward!

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Until next time!


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