If money was a person, what is your relationship with him/her?

Hi Reader,

If money was a person, who is that?

What is your relationship with him/her?

Is your relationship with money filled with tons of emotional drama -
injustice, anxiety, comparison and jealousy, headaches, fantasy, demonization, greed, lack, fear, hatred, betrayal, manipulation, guilt, shame, anger?

Just like any relationship, it takes WORK to build an intimate and thriving one - to show up, to nourish, to communicate openly, to love, to respect, to celebrate, and to TRUST.


Growing up, I didn't have a healthy relationship with money as my foundational setup.

When it comes to our core beliefs, some are personal. Many are collective - the school systems, the cultural norms, the societal expectations & media. A LOT were passed down through family lineage - especially when trauma is involved.
(A study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes.)

My mom is very future-oriented to "prepare" for whatever will happen, hence, she is easily anxiety-prone. She abandoned her entrepreneurial gifts after having me and my brother. One of her famous sayings is, "Money is dirty," with germs, and since we were kids we were advised to wash our hands with soaps after touching money.

My dad was a carpenter who worked extremely hard before he retired, exchanging blood and sweat to put food on the table.
"It takes hard work & hardship to earn money,"
and whenever he says it, there is a sense of pride in his eyes.

They both have experienced a traumatic adolescence that involved extreme hatred, violence, and discrimination against their families by society because they were regarded as "highly educated, asset owners, employers."

My grandpa (father's side) was a TCM doctor who hired help in his clinic, and my great-grandfather (mother's side) was in the leadership of a Western medicine hospital. The propaganda back then called hiring people "exploitation", disregarding their work to heal people and save lives. Ironically when they were born, their families barely had enough to eat. Very far from being "rich" but relatively, they are already better than most.

Having wealth & standing out was NOT safe back then, even risking with death threats.

[P.S. With these strong MEDICAL roots in me, I see why I have a deep curiosity in healing and holistic medicine!]

How about myself? Growing up in Christian education from kindergarten to university, although this is not my current religious worldview, many Christian values like Good vs Evil, Greed vs Generous, sacrificing is noble, fearing God's punishment etc have been imprinted into my consciousness. Also, the Capitalist society tells me that my paycheck = my value in this society = how much I'm "worth" as if I'm a "product".

> The reason I expose these vulnerable aspect of my upbringing, is to give you examples of how you can dig out yours - what are the major components of your money stories?

>>> Can you see by the time we become adults, when it comes to money and worth, how much emotional baggage we are already carrying with us on our shoulders, whether relevant or not?!

And if money was a person, can we truly see WHO THEY ARE with all these projections we bring?

How can we build a healthy relationship with someone if we are not relating to the REAL PERSON, but just to the imagined bubble we are projecting from the back of our minds?

It's time for us to make better choices.

Imagine if we can off-load ALL the emotional projections we attached to money and everything related -
peaceful and calming can our lives become?

So that we can see money as what it is - the pure energy flowing and circulating around communities!

What is Money, you may ask?

It's easy to say, "money is just a tool" - but lip service is not enough if, the moment when we think about:

  • money
  • bills & statements
  • purchases
  • numbers
  • pricing our offers
  • investments
  • luxuries
  • taxes
  • salaries
  • rent
  • housing & mortgage
  • insurance
  • inflation etc

There are waves of emotions and drama arise, and our nervous system is wrecked!

Our autopilot responses are way deeper than what our conscious mind can control. Our nervous system is entirely in our subconscious - which is also in the BODY!

How funny is if we were alone on a remote island like in the movie Cast Away, would any of these matter anymore?!


Okay, enough for my stories. Now comes the practical part:

What can YOU do to repair and improve your relationship with money?

Option 1:

If you are just beginning your inner work and shadow work journey, and don't mind the effort and time to DIY your way, Bari Tessler's Art of Money book is an excellent starting point! Writing your money story, like what I did above, is also tremendously liberating for you to understand what aren't even yours to start with!

Over the past decade, I've put in the work to heal this part of me. I've been studying and experimenting with multiple modalities and schools of thought, including most recently the licensed training in The Trauma of Money Method™ and Money Reiki.

So many tools have made celebratory progress in my personal growth, but only in the correct sequence! One of my geniuses as a multi-talented Manifesting Generator in Human Design, is to find shortcuts - so you can save your precious time and only focus on what WORKS!

Right now, I'm almost finishing my phase of integrating and distilling the essence of this work of financial safety and well-being - and have developed a framework that I now call Money Energy Detox (MED).

What I've discovered has been tremendously helpful, and I'd love to share these secrets with you!

Are you open to walking this path of healing with me?

Option 2:

If you are ready to have a deep detox in your mind, heart and nervous system, sign up for my Money Energy Detox (MED) experience!

Money Energy Detox (MED)

Think of it as a Detox Spa for your energy - with the goal being you walking out every session feeling lighter, way more peaceful, and with a sharper mind of clarity for anything related to money coming up.

What's included:

We'll work 1:1 virtually, and each cycle of MED includes 3 Sessions where we'll work on themes related to the bottom 3 chakras together, to explore and discover possible "toxins" in your money stories, then transmute, dissolve and bless them away.

Tools that might be used include breathwork, somatic practices, sound healing, EFT tapping, NLP, Jungist innerwork, HeartMath coherence techniques etc, which will be tailored based on your Human Design chart and your pre-session feedback form.

On top of our time together, I'll also send you a consecutive 21 Days of Money Reiki Healing from our first session onwards, so your healing will be accelerated right from the beginning!

I'm making this as an introductory offer for you all - Check it out here if you are curious!

Option 3:

If you are currently feeling stuck and overwhelmed in a pattern and would love some external help to lighten the energy up, I'm also offering a Money Reiki healing service that you can sign up for. Receiving Reiki alone will be gentle and soothing, which is less intimidating if you feel a deep detox is too much at the time.

You can find more details here. This is super affordable!


I understand this is not for everyone - and I'm only one human.

Maybe you've heard what I said somewhere by someone else before, but if the above message resonates with you, perhaps it's finally the RIGHT TIMING for you?

Isn't it the beauty of diversity that, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we are all needed, because with each of us bringing our unique gifts and craftmanship to the work, we contribute to the continuous evolution of humanity in our unique ways?

May you be abundant in love, in trust, in resources, in support, in time and in freedom!

Much love to you,



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